Chicken in Bag with Vegetables

Chicken in Bag with Vegetables


Chicken in Bag with Vegetables Elena (3) 1.8k Add it to your most loved formulas and add it to a cookbook 

Add up to time 

1 hour 10 minutes 

Planning time 

10 minute 

Cooking time 

60 minutes 

6 individuals 



Entire chicken washed - 1 

For chicken stuffing: 

Onion segment quarters - 1 

Garlic-peeled garlic 

Rosemary - Ghosn 

Lemon corrosive - 1 

Cinnamon - 

Habban - 4 grains 

Shrub paper - 2 

Vegetable Group: 

Onion - 1 

Garlic Peeled - 4 cloves 

Peeled carrots and cut into huge pieces - 2 

Potato peeler and cut extensive pieces - 1 

Lemon corrosive clasp into circles - 1 

Cossa cut into huge blocks - 3 

Red pepper cut into substantial pieces - 2 

Green rosemary verdant - 4 gums 

Tree paper - 2 

Cinnamon - Oudan 

2 tablets 

Paprika - a teaspoon 

Dark pepper - a teaspoon 

Salt - 2 teaspoons 

The technique for work 

1. Warmth the broiler at 200 ° C. 

2. Put a warmth safe pack for cooking in a glass dish. 

3 - Put the chicken taken care of. 

4 - Put inside the chicken onions, garlic, cinnamon, Laurel leaves and two herbs, rosemary and lemon harsh. 

5 - Put taken care of above and around the chicken vegetables: onions, garlic, carrots, potatoes, squash, red pepper, lemon harsh and rosemary. 

6 - Add the prerequisites: Qarfa and paper tree and love. 

7. Broil with salt, dark pepper, and paprika. 

8. Slide the sack firmly and ignore your hands the chicken until the point when it is totally secured with flavors. 

9 - Enter the Chinese into the broiler for an hour or until the point that the chicken is cooked.

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